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I FELL OFF A CLIFF (30m/100ft) with my touring bike // CyclingAbout The Americas [EP.9]

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NOT CLICKBAIT!! Enjoy my insane adventure over the highest section of the Andes, through Peru’s craziest canyons and along some wild mountain trails – before hearing the story and seeing the footage from my freak accident (skip to 15:07 for the fall). Like my videos? Patreon supporters get early access to my films and exclusive access to my Q&As: PATREON (Monthly rewards!): PAYPAL (One-off donation to replace broken camera gear!): ???? INSTA: ???? FACEBOOK: ????????‍♂️CYCLINGABOUT (endless bike travel info!): MY BIKE: Koga WorldTraveller MY GEAR LIST: MY ROUTE: MY CAMERAS: Panasonic GH4...
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