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Behind the Shoot: Flatland BMX Photo Session with Tsutomu Kitayama in Tokyo, Japan

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Had a super chill and fun session with Japanese flatland BMX rider Tsutomu Kitayama at the Komazawa Olympic Park. In this video you can see how I work with Tsutomu to get the best shots we can in a limited time, while still enjoying the beautiful day we were given. Please don't hesitate if you have any questions or comments about the video! My personal photography website: Music: My Gear: Nikon D5: Nikon D4s: Nikon Fishey 10.5mm: Nikon 1.4/24mm: Nikon 2.8/24-70mm: Nikon 1.4/50mm: Nikon 2.8/70-200mm: Nikon 1.4/105mm: Nikon 5.6/200-500mm:
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