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Cars and Coffee Whitney Ranch - 1/11/2020

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This is my Cars and Coffee Whitney Ranch car meet video for 1/11/2020. It's located at the 851 Old Ranch House Road in Rocklin, CA. The Facebook page for Cars and Coffee Whitney Ranch can be accessed via the following link: Don't forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Subscribe to my YouTube channel: ✅Become a Patreon supporter of RetroCarGuy530, LLC: ✅Epidemic Sound 30-Day Free Trial: FOLLOW ME ON: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Send me some fun stuff: RetroCarGuy530, LLC PO Box 2132 Shingle Springs, CA 95682 #CarsAndCoffeeWhitneyRanch #CarMeets #RetroCarGuy530 ----- RetroCarGuy530, LLC...
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