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$100 Walmart Survival Kit! Ultralight Bugout Bag for 7 Day Survival Challenge

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$100 Walmart Survival Kit 7 Day Survival Challenge! *Series filmed December 2018* Become Part of My TRIBE: BINGE WATCH the FULL $100 7 DAY SERIES: BINGE WATCH my 7 day Subscriber Survival Challenge: Premise: This $100 7 day Walmart Challenge is designed to Test my Whits Instead of Relying Solely on Buckets and Buckets of High End Gear as well as Encourage others on a Tight Budget that a DIY Kit can in Fact be built and Assist them in a Crisis. Affiliates & Channel Sponsors: (Supports Our Channel ALOT!!) WAZOO Survival: (Wearable Survival Gear) Canadian...
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