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[CH/JP/VN/TH] Travel for eating Korean Seasonable Food I A Perfect Day-Yeosu/Suncheon

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Tourists for Eating , Attention please! Tasting seasonal food of November! Enjoying Jeollanam-do’s flavor and beauty Fact. a little bit far away from Seoul, but you can travel both Yeosu and Suncheon in a day! #APerfectDay #ShillaStudio #Yeosu #Suncheon ------------------------------------------------------- [Product information] # GOPRO GOPRO – HERO7 BLACK ShillaDFS Price $452   # CLOTHES POLO RALPH LAUREN – Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater ShillaDFS Price $111   # COSMETICS GIORGIO ARMANI – ARMANI TO GO CUSHION ShillaDFS Price $66 # COSMETICS MOONSHOT – CREAM PAINT LIGHTFIT ShillaDFS Price $16   # WATCH SWATCH – SO27M101 ShillaDFS Price $105 - ShillaDFS ???? [KR] [EN] 901847 [JP] [CN]
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