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Kuo Hsing-Chun Episode 1 - Visiting one of the Best Weightlifters in the World - ATG in Taiwan!

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Episode 2 already on Patreon ➤ ATG Shirts & Hoodie ???? ➤ We visited Kuo in Taiwan!! In episode 1 you’ll learn about Kuo’s start in weightlifting, the basics of her training for the Asian Games, her Coach’s approach to the sport, and how exactly we ended up in Taiwan in the first place. Kuo on Instagram ➤ Dr. Boffa on Instagram ➤ Gregor on Instagram ➤ ATG on Instagram ➤ ________________________________________________________________ Camera Gear I Use Cameras Panasonic GH5 ➤ Panasonic FZ1000 ➤ GoPro Hero 7 Black ➤ Lenses SUPER Wide Angle Panasonic 8-18mm ➤ Panasonic 14-140mm ➤
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