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Two Monster Fluke (Flounder) and a 32-lb Bass Released!

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An incredible fishing trip that saw two very large summer flounder (fluke) caught and released. A 32-pound striped bass was also caught on 8-pound-test line and released. Affiliate Links to the Gear: John Skinner Online Fishing Course Discount : Nexus Fishing Rod (20-50#, 7'): Sweeney's Rod: Doc's White Rod: John Skinner Bucktails - 1.5-4-ounce - Blue Reel: Blue Reel Power Handle: Sweeney 8# line: Line - 10# - Line - 15# - Gulp Recharge Liquid: Gulp Nemesis - 6.6-inch - Gulp Grub - 6-inch - Large Drift...
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