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PEOPLE WATCHING IN KOREA ???????? - An Evening in Myeong-dong (대한민국 사람 구경- 퇴근 후 명동 쇼핑)

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This video was filmed in Seoul's #1 shopping and tourism district, Myeong-dong! Myeong-dong is very famous for cosmetics, fashion, K-Pop, restaurants, street food, cafes, and much more! It is estimated roughly 2 million people visit Myeong-dong every day!!! Myeong-dong was listed as the 9th most expensive shopping street in the world in 2011, 2012, and 2013. There are many name-brand stores, as well as large shopping centers. It has been featured in many Korean music videos, TV dramas, and movies. Because of how popular and trendy this area is, many young people have been flocking here to shop or hang...
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