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Exploring Siquijor Island Cambugahay Falls Philippines

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Exploring Siquijor Island Cambugahay Falls Philippines. From San Juan to Lazi then Cambugahay Falls. I really wish I know how to drive scooter :( for cheaper fare. More Filipina Smiles found at: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook Page: Mailing Address: Name: Crishel Villanueva Address: message me for address If you want to donate to my channel anything is appreciated. The funds will go toward savings for some land for my parents. They live on land they do not own. Thank you and Mabuhay. Paypal: My Patreon account: Bitcoin 15KovimHrF4DQBFeeWrG1Upbr5ycWUzuCJ Bitcoin Cash 15ry5NTpCVsAUvCpvBwzVNganF5W95fW7a Litecoin Le3qLZgtCPwYMvrBdNgmHs26DAZn7bJa9C Ethererium 0xE0C6657A50D5b97A56BA28FA13Ee5C148D713619 The...
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