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Zara Larsson - "Never Forget You" DRUMCAM SIMON SANTUNIONE 2018

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Simon Santunione Performing "Never Forget You" with Zara Larsson at Queens Of Pop in Helsingborg 2018/07/27 Recorded with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Mixed By: Mikael Sahlsten Instagram: Facebook: Tama Starclassic Black Clouds over silver linings. 13x7 snare 10x5 snare 10x6,5 12x7,5 14x12 16x14 22x18 Sabian Cymbals 15" Artisan Light Hats 20" Artisan Crash 20" HHX ozone Crash 19" HHX X-treme crash 18" HHX X-treme crash 17" HHX X-treme crash 16" HHX Ozone Crash 12" AAX Mini Holy China (Stacked) 12" Aero Splash (stacked) Roland Spd-sx TM-6 Pro Rt-30 triggers Kt-10 digital kick Vh-11 digital hihat Bt-1 bar...
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