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360 - Wreck Diving - HMNZS Canterbury

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Follow me in Virtual Reality on my dive through the HMNZS Canterbury (F421), a Leander-class frigate operated by the Royal New Zealand Navy from 1971 to 2005. In 2007 she was scuttled in the Bay of Islands to provide an artificial reef and dive wreck. She lies in 38 metres (125 ft) of water. Chapters: 0:30 Deck 2:00 Engine Room 4:00 Hallway 6:30 Command Room 8:00 Bridge 9:10 Hangar 11:00 Lifeboat Davit Much thanks to Shane & Julia from Northland Dive, Andrew from Globaldive, and especially Ben King & Craig Anderson for their help building the 360 rig (with 10x...
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