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Mazinger Z (Acoustic) - Ichiro Mizuki - Fernando Ufret

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Want to learn to play guitar? Get a FREE TRIAL at Guitar Tricks: Acoustic cover version of Ichiro Mizuki's "Mazinger Z" theme, from the anime series Mazinger Z (1973). All music is property of Fumihiko Azuma and Michiaki Watanabe. MY GEAR: - GUITAR (Cordoba GK Pro Negra): - GUITAR (55 FCE Negra Limited): - GUITAR (Cordoba GK Studio Negra): - GUITAR (Cordoba C7): - MIC (Royer R121): - MIC (Sure SM58): - MIXER (Behringer PMP2000): - CAMERA (Sony Music Video Recorder): - CAMERA (GoPro Hero 5 Session): - STRINGS (Savarez Cristal Corum HIgh Tension):
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