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Massive! Unboxing EDC, Backpacking, Camping, and Survival Gear

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Unboxing Gear from Rovor, Blade Show 2018, Valley Food Storage, Survival Boxes, and Battlbox Mission 40. Get your DFS Micro+ Survival Kit Here: $64.99 All Genuine Military Issue GEAR! Help Us Fund Future Episodes: For one-time Donations: http://PayPal.Me/DropForgedSurvival WAZOO USA Made Wearable Survival Gear: Amazon Buy Links: (Really Helps Support the Channel) *Gear Shown in Episode* Tops Knives CUT 4.0: Hydroblu Sidekick Water Filter: Hydroblu Carbon Replacement Filters: Gerber Moment Knife: Aquamira RED-II Virus Water Filter Bottle: Aquamira Water Treatment Tablets: Sawyer Mini Water Filter: Rovor Martel Buddy Blinder Headlamps:...
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