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Lord Marco - HUNHAU MITNAL - "Cenotes (Portal al inframundo)" DRUM PLAYTHROUGH 2017

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Marco Pitruzzella performing the song "Cenotes (Portal al inframundo)" by HUNHAU MITNAL. All drums were recorded LIVE using Roland OCTA10 Interface into Reaper DAW and video taped using Hero3+ GoPro. Guitar- Manny Lozano Bass- Markie Gun Please support the band here: Keep up with Marco here: Lord Marco has been apart of the following bands: Sleep Terror (touring) SIX FEET UNDER (recording/touring) Brain Drill (original member) The Faceless (touring drummer) Vile (touring drummer) Vital Remains (touring drummer) Vörnagar (live / recording) Neurogenic (recording) ANOMALOUS (recording) Slam Coke (recording) ABUSE (live/recording) Gurglectomy (recording) Defleshed and...
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